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アントニオ猪木さんの「最後に勝つ負け方を知っておけ」 ぜひ!



Know how to lose to win in the end” Promises are meant to be “self-fulfilling”.
In the last two days I read Antonio Inoki’s ‘Know how to lose to win in the end’.

Inoki has put into words what is in my heart.

Excerpts from the text below


There is a saying that marriage is the graveyard of life, and I think it is true in terms of restrictions.

As I got older and experienced more and more, I discovered the inconvenience of freedom and the fun of inconvenience.

It’s much more interesting to do things under constraint, in other words, under inconvenience. That’s why I say it here. Freedom is not about whether or not there are rules or time constraints, but whether or not there is commitment in the heart. I interpret freedom as a heart that is not particular. In that sense, I think I’m one of those people who live quite freely. Some people seem to be obsessed with their own hearts, and then shout that they don’t have freedom, but people can do anything if they want to. I think it takes a certain amount of effort to gain your own freedom. Just like making money requires investment , you have to make that same kind of investment and the same kind of effort to gain human freedom.

If you let go of greed and become truly liberated and unencumbered, you are free no matter what the circumstances are.

Promises to others are there to be broken. But promises to yourself must be kept or you will be ruined.

Often, the bigger you dream, the more things will not work out as calculated, no matter what you do. But that doesn’t mean that if you stop there, the dream will always remain a dream and not progress at all. And eventually, no one will trust you anymore. In that case, it is sometimes necessary for a man to show his sincerity by sticking to his own dreams and beliefs, even if they are temporarily misunderstood as “betrayal” by the other party.

In the end, a promise is not about making a promise to someone else, but about how you yourself fulfil it. In the end, it is a struggle against oneself.


Inoki-san must have thought about many things in his life, especially about his family and his position in society. I have to keep my promise to myself or I’ll be ruined!


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